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How to get a Discord User's Server Roles using PHP and Redirect With Simple Permissions

Martin B
Here is the scenario. You want to log a user into your website,

Create a simple sound output switch via Terminal in Linux & Bind it to a Key

Martin B
Since I've switched from Windows to Linux, I've tried to make su

How to Create a Simple Discord Bot using Python

This will be a short guide on creating a simple Discord bot usin

Add a discord user to your database (Login with Discord OAuth) in PHP

Martin B
This is a follow up to how to make a login with discord button i

How to join a user to a discord server, get a list of their servers (PHP, OAuth2.0)

Martin B
I've been getting a lot of requests to get a list of a user's gu

How to Host a Free Static Website with GitHub Pages

With GitHub Pages you can host a free static website. This is us